Darfur is a hot issue every one talks about it , some do say the truth and the majority don’t , they actually keep publicizing the issue as if they  know it  all  and  no one ells do .
Will am a Sudanese person who lived out  and never visited Sudan for a long time ,and since am a Sudanese I was flowing this issue and educating my self about it from the media ( the western media that is) I actually exposed my self to it and I believed it all , and  I did not like it .
Will let me tell you this after a long time now am back in Sudan and honestly I though I was going to find war in the street killing every where government Jan jawed chasing every one all over , isn’t that what the western media was feeding all of us? Exactly will I visited Darfur Alfashir, Aljenina, and Neyala and I actually met the governor of Darfur personally and I have seen nothing of what the western media was talking about ! it was all Lie’s .. will not all  of it.
I forgot to tell you that I wanted to come back to Sudan and actually help my people and try with the others to end there suffering and I was determent but the lies transformed me changed me and I really did ask my self why do the western media will do such a thing why and I did not have to think far , the same media that publicized the WMD of IRAQ and justified Bush’s WAR it’s the same media that talking about Darfur and in IRAQ it was WMD and  oil and in Darfur its oil and

Menrals such as Uranum and to get it many more will die.

After all guys if we did not act now and stop these lie’s  another 1000000 people will die  in sudn like  IRAQ


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