in darfur Who’s against the next war

Who’s against the next war
A close investigation reveals that the same people who pushed the Iraq wmd deception on the US are now pushing the”genocide” in darfur lies.These same groups now targeting Sudan for regimechange are the most active proponents of the realgenocide of arabs and muslims in Palestine, Iraq,Afghanistan and Lebanon.Large pro invasion rallies are being held by thecountry’s most powerful zionist groups andeveryone knows they get what they want from the USgovernment so get ready to watch your high schoolfriends die while slaughtering africans in the Sudan.Or you
could try stopping their next war tomorrow at Harvard

One Response to “in darfur Who’s against the next war”

  1. Shaw Gorsheed Says:

    Omer Elbashier killed more than 200.000 civilians in darfur he sholud be punished by ICC .
    Arabe people do not care for killing the black people in darfur . islam the religious of arabe engurage killing
    fuck you all arab.

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